Our Children

Here we share some of the stories of our beloved children.  If you would like to add your child’s story, please email us.

To view a calendar of our children’s special dates and anniversaries, click here.

Alexandra Wigley 31 March
Alistair Grawert 15 March
Amin and Imaan Kasmadi 19 January
Andre Jeremy Tang Jia Rong 12 July
Annika Se Ri Force 19 August
'Baby Grace' 8 January
Cheryl Chan Jia-En 30 May
Chloe Leong Tze Rei 20 April
Daniel Karagiannis 11 June
Davyn Teoh Yung Jien 12 February
Darren Lim Rui Yang 23 June
Edward Burridge 18 October
Eiso Douwe Boer 26 December
Faith Yaw 31 January
Grace Watkins 30 April
Jakob Ajani Wu Shao 5 July
Jazzy Wren 14 February
Jordan Tan Wei Kai 19 June
Kareem and Shakeel Yeo 5 6 February
Katie Jonis 6 November
Kendra Chiota Payne 11 January
Lee Shan Ning Eryn 31 December
Lily Belle Bilton 16 August
Lucas Ethan Wong Kai-Ren 22 January
Maria Thi Hien Bui 4 July
Matthew Raymond Barrett 28 June
Max Lim 18 September
Max Szpojnarowicz 17 April
Maxence Kang Paphassarang 23 November
Nathaniel, Joash and Ashley Sim October April June
Ng Chook Kwan 4 July
Nur Amirah 21 January
Ong Yong Yi 29 November
Pang Chun Bing 14 March
Peter Soh Jia Ann 2 March
R. Praveen Nair 28 August
Ryan Tan Jia Wei 1 July
Samuel Shing 6 February
Sascha Daniel Frazier 14 February
Satish Ahrumugam 30 November
Shai-Ann Kaela Tam Rong En 22 February
Shiva S/O Mohan 13 July
Thaddeus Cheong 24 June
Victoria Baxter 28 July
Tianna Hensi 19 September

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