What the Papers Says
20 April 2014 Sunday Times When a child dies
28 May 2014 Straits Times When a child dies
14 Feb 2013 The Straits Times : Mind Your Body Coping with the death of a child
29 Nov 2012 Singapore Motherhood When a Child is Gone
24th Sept 2012 Singapore motherhood (Emagazine) Losing your child: From Cope to Hope
October 2008 Vanilla Lost and Found
April 2008 Vanilla Singapore Woman Award: Providing Support for Bereaved Parents
May 2006 Motherhood When Mother's Day is hard
April 2006 Singapore's Child Singapore's First Children's Memorial
12th March 2006 Pulse Bye, Baby
6th March 2006 The Straits Times In Memory of Lost Children
November-December 2005 Salt Making Their Mark
August 2005 Today's Parents Farewell, My Child
July-August 2005 Salt A Time to Heal
July 2005 Simply Her Farewell My Child
June 2005 Family Sorry seems to be the hardest word
May 2005 Singapore Child Support At A time Of Grief
13th April 2005 Mind Your Body How Dads Cope - or don't - with kids' death
4th April 2005 Lian He Zao Bao Bereaved parents are not alone anymore
31st March 2005 RADIO 938 Child Bereavement Feature
31st March 2005 The Straits Times Kids who die: Support group for families welcomed
30th March 2005 RADIO 938 Child Bereavement News
28th March 2005 The Straits Times Bringing comfort to bereaved parents
28th March 2005 The Straits Times Keeping son's memory alive
28th March 2005 Lian He Wan Bao Bereaved couples sets up support group for bereaved parents
March 2005 Singapore Women's Weekly Finding Strength Again
2005 Expat Living - Kids Guide Child Bereavement
October 2004 Expat Living Losing Your Child
27th June 2004 The New Paper on Sunday She sets up son's memorial on the Net